Environmental considerations go beyond the farm.

Nitrate runoffs are a major concern for local and central governments.

Intelligent farm management

WxOutside can provide detailed information to assist in nutrient and soil management planning and regulatory reporting - helping you maximise efficient nutrient usage, and minimising nutrient loss and leeching into water supplies.

For example:

  • WxOutside can identify the low-risk months (usually spring and summer but we can be more precise)
  • Soil moisture equipment can identify when soils are at field capacity and recommend not to use nitrogen
  • Alerting when the soil temperature is above 6° and rising

Irrigation can be planned for days where heavy rain is not expected, and offset against forecasted moisture loss in the soil.

Crop irrigation scheduling models can be used with the same data, with additional data from growing degree days and evapotranspiration rates.

Nitrate needs water to move.

Lots of rain + free-draining soil = lots of nitrate movement.

Regulatory compliance

WxOutside keeps track of the notifications which were raised, and the historical data that was both forecasted and recorded.

Regulatory compliance can be demonstrated with awareness of key triggers being highlighted (severe weather notifications, soil moisture, low risk/high risk months etc).

All the historical data can be exported for use within environment management plans.

Recording your actual environment

Along with wind, rain, temperature and humidity, WxOutside sensors can also record the soil moisture levels. The sensors can also graph the moisture levels across various depths, so you can see exactly how deeply your irrigation water has been absorbed.

Compliance reporting

Recorded data can be used as part of regulatory and compliance reporting, to prove that you are not over-irrigating and introducing nitrates into the water supply.

Irrigation planning

As part of planning upcoming irrigation activities, the WxOutside's weather forecast service can advise of any rain events which may affect the soil absorbtion rates.

Details you care about

You can use WxOutside's custom weather forecast interface to ask the questions that matter the most to you.

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