WxOutside includes a full weather forecasting service.

An accurate picture of both historical and upcoming weather, in hourly increments, is a built-in feature of WxOutside

Getting the forecast right

You can retrieve long-range forecasts for as many locations as you want.

These forecasts include agricultural factors, allowing for predictions and recommendations for irrigation and fertilisation activities.

7-day weather forecasts

The forecasts include day summaries of farming-specific weather conditions for up to 7 days in advance. These are summarised in plain English.

Specific conditions

Along with the summary for each day, you can get details on the temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity, cloud cover, visibility, dew point and more.

Farming-specific conditions

In addition to the standard weather conditions, WxOutside also includes details on growing degree days, evapotranspiration, thermal heat indexes, heat load indexes, accumulated heat load indexes, and moisture loss.

Accurate data

The forecast is updated every 3 hours, and includes conditions on an hourly interval. This is accurate to the nearest kilometer in some areas, or 4 kilometers for the rest of the world.

Historical data

If you need to see what's happened previously, you can access historical weather data from as far back as 2006.

Local weather, local conditions

Each physical sensor will record the conditions it can detect - a combination of wind, rain, humidity, temperature, and soil conditions. By comparing these recordings with the forecast conditions, estimates and alerts can be created for conditions you care about and any likely threshold or compliance breaches.

Ask questions

You can ask WxOutside nearly any weather-related question. If you're interested in a particular condition, or a very specific threshold, then you can ask about it in plain English.

"Will it rain tomorrow?"

You can ask simple questions about weather conditions on a specific day.

"Will there be strong winds this week?"

You can also ask about conditions across multiple days.

"How much evapotranspiration will there be in the next 3 days?"

WxOutside also supports complex conditions, and questions involving quantities.

"Will humidity be more than 80% on Wednesday afternoon?"

You can also ask about thresholds and specific quantities, as well as for specific times on the day.

"Will there be strong winds, with humidity over 80% at 2pm on Thursday?"

Questions can get extremely specific if you need this level of data.

Alerting, straight to you

When you've got questions that you want notifications for, WxOutside can send you Tweets, SMS messages and emails, alerting you to extreme weather events and threshold breaches.

Try the Twitter functionality now!

If you have a twitter account, tweet a question to @wxadvisory. Something along the lines of "What will the max temperature be this week?", or "How much humidity will there be tomorrow?", and see what happens.

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