WxOutside - Intelligent Weather Decisions

WxOutside is a combination of physical sensors and online weather forecasts, which can precisely monitor your actual environment - recording both what did happen and predicting what will happen next.

You can monitor multiple locations and track environmental conditions across time. You can also set alerts and thresholds for conditions you care about, and be notified before they become a problem.

Awesome Features

WxOutside has a huge list of awesome features. From on-the-ground telemetry of specific conditions, forecasting of weather conditions for any location in the world, to user-level customisation of alerts and reporting.

Soil management

Maximise nutrient usage efficiently, while reducing loss and leeching into water supplies. Irrigation activities can be planned around actual soil conditions and the forecasted weather.

Weather forecasting

WxOutside provides total weather forecast integration. Specific conditions can be forecasted, and you can ask questions in plain English.

Weather alerts

A simple interface allows you to create automatic alerting of the conditions you care about. Just ask a question, and you can be alerted by email, Twitter or SMS.

Crop management

With a complete environmental picture, you can manage the crops you have and specific requirements they need. Fertilisation, harvesting and other key decision points can be accurately forecasted.

Regulatory compliance

WxOutside can provide advice on the best days to irrigate and apply fertiliser. Industry best practices can be complied with by working within forecasted weather conditions, and recorded telemetry can be reported on as part of farm manangement plans.

WxOutside: intelligent weather decisions

WxOutside is a complete picture of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

Our Services

With WxOutside, the benefits don't stop with environment monitoring. You also get support and customisation options to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the sensor network.

Sensor customisation

Connect any number of physical sensors, or just use the forecasts – you can monitor only the environmental factors that concern you.

Custom forecast equations

Any equation based on available weather factors can be supported and fully integrated.

Weather alerts

Customisable alerting for any environmental condition, and extensible question/answer support for anything you need.

Access anywhere

You can acess your sensor network on any device, including mobile phones.

Telemetry support

New telemetry inputs can be supported as they become available. Technology advances and improvements are constanly being included in the sensor hardware.

Free support

The WxOutside platform comes with free support. Updates and fixes for sensors and telemetry readings are provided automatically.

Fun Facts

WxOutside has gone through a huge amount of data - here's a quick summary:


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