WxOutside development roadmap

This is a rough guide to the upcoming functionality for the WxOutside sensors and the dashboard

WxOutside has big plans

WxOutside is constantly being improved and extended with new functionality and cool features.

This includes improvements to the open-source hardware and supporting software, as well as the dashboard containing the graphs, decision support services and sensor configuration.

The following list is a high-level view of the key functionality which will be part of the first 1.0 release. There are no dates next to each minor release, but development is occuring at a rapid pace.

0.1: Open-source sensors

Released Nov 10 2016 All sensor code is present, with telemetry working and logging supported.

0.2: Self-updating sensors

Released Nov 21 2016 Sensors are now self-updating and do not need physical access for code updates and fixes.

0.3: Full Aquaflex support

Released Feb 16 2017 Aquaflex telemetry will include a coefficient for forecasting soil moisture based on the upcoming weather forecast.

0.3.5: Soil temperature forecasting

Released Apr 24 2017 Soil temperature forecasting is now supported, and includes integration into the questions/answers interface.

0.4 Compliance reporting

A summary of the previous 12 months is generated, with both a calendar view and plain-English summaries describing the average compliance and any outliers.

0.5 Power Management

In order to get the best possible uptime, the sensors will only activate themselves when it's time to take a reading. This should extend the life of the battery for up to ~7 days in murky weather.

0.6: Points of interest

The UI will include historical comparisons showing how the current timeframe compares to previous years.

1.0: Full release of all functionality

Something to be really proud of. A massive list of all the functionality so far.

2.0: To be decided...

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