25th October

High: 15°MiddayLow: 13°Midnight

Mostly cloudy, but with possible showers briefly in the early hours. A southerly breeze, easing to a gentle southerly breeze later.

26th October

High: 17°1pmLow: 13°2am

Partly cloudy from midnight until the late evening. A gentle westerly breeze at first, then mostly a northerly breeze.

27th October

High: 15°10amLow: 13°4am

Showers possible at midnight, then becoming mostly cloudy. A southerly breeze.

28th October

High: 17°MiddayLow: 12°2am

Mostly cloudy, with likely showers by the evening until night time. A southerly breeze, becoming calm at times.

29th October

High: 15°MiddayLow: 12°5am

Showers possible, then becoming partly cloudy from midday until the late evening. A light north-easterly breeze, becoming an easterly breeze at times.

30th October

High: 16°1pmLow: 12°2am

Partly cloudy from midnight until the late evening. A gentle north-easterly breeze, becoming a fresh northerly breeze later.

31st October

High: 14°6amLow: 13°Midnight

Mostly cloudy to start with, with likely showers by the late afternoon until the late evening. A fresh northerly breeze, becoming a strong northerly breeze later.

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The solar battery appears to be flat - no summary is available.


These are some example answers and recommended actions based on the actual weather forecast.

Answers last updated at 6am, October 25th

How much rain will there be this week?

  • Monday: average precipitation 0.1mm, max 0.5mm from 3am until 4am, min 0mm at 5am and then 10am, through to 11pm
  • Tuesday: average precipitation 0mm, max 0.1mm at 11am, min 0mm from midnight, through to 10am and then midday, through to 11pm
  • Wednesday and Saturday: average, max and min precipitation 0mm from midnight, through to 11pm
  • Thursday: average precipitation 0.13mm, max 1.3mm at 7pm, min 0mm from midnight, through to 10am and then midday and 1pm and then 4pm
  • Friday: average precipitation 0.06mm, max 0.2mm at midnight and then 7am and 8am and then 10am and 11am, min 0mm from 2am and then 4am, through to 6am and then 1pm, through to 11pm
  • Sunday: average precipitation 0.2mm, max 0.8mm from 8pm, through to 10pm, min 0mm from midnight and 1am and then 5am, through to 10am

Will there be strong winds this week?

No.No strong winds are predicted on any day

Will the soil temperature be more than 10 degrees tomorrow?

No.Soil temperature does not exceed 10° (maximum soil temperature is -9999°)

Will soil moisture be less than 10% tomorrow?

Yes.Soil moisture is less than 10%

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Soil moisture

Soil temperature

The soil temperature as measured by the probe.

Moisture deficit

About this demonstration

This is an example of actual telemetry and forecasting from a soil sensor.

This demo shows the 7 day forecast, soil moisture & temperature summary as well as irrigtation recommendations.

You can also experiment with the irrigation simulation and explore historical recorded telemetry.

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