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Recent changes and improvements to WxOutside


This is a fairly detailed list of all the changes made to the WxOutside website. This is primarily the WxOutside dashboard and the accompanying business logic.

24 June 2017

  • Soil moisture calculation first pass now based on near-term moisture window
  • Irrigation simulation improved
  • Simulation now supports multiple irrigation points
  • Simulation calendar dates are restricted to a 7 day window
  • Moisture forecasts restricted to the maximum known moisture value
  • Irrigation diary fixed to show irrigation moments at the top
  • Telemetry start date is now a setting that the user can control
  • Irrigation email links are marked with agent comments
  • 7 day summary now on dashboard
  • Dashboard UI now has improved headers
  • Alerts now have a ‘yes-only’ option
  • Alert popup window fixed for inconsistent behaviour
  • Question support now confirmed to work for soil moisture and soil temperature
  • Live demonstration added to demo page
  • Old demo locations removed
  • Incoming telemetry API created
  • WxAdvisory wsb script fixed
  • Custom date ranges no longer disable other date links
  • ‘Out of action’ tweet or email will be sent if alerts can’t be completed

24 April 2017

  • Email messages to sensors all use a consistent header
  • Soil temperature forecasting now supported
  • Battery voltage warning colours are now more reasonable
  • Question support for soil moisture included
  • Question support for soil temperature included
  • Graph UI improved to not show rain events if the moisture deficit is not visible
  • Automatic irrigation detection now included
  • Soil moisture summary table display issues fixed
  • Email notifications when the soil sensor battery is going flat
  • Irrigation diary page now available
  • Irrigation detection emails allow for manual override of events
  • The date from which telemetry is used is now a user-defined value
  • Irrigation simulation now available

8 February 2017

  • Evapotranspiration crop co-efficients now supported, on a monthly basis
  • Evapotranspiration graph will include the crop coefficient in the displayed data
  • Soil moisture forecasting algorithm deployed
  • Recent moisture forecast summary table now available
  • Bad soil moisture values can now be marked in the database
  • Rain events are now displayed on historical date requests
  • Custom date requests will now prevent bad dates from being submitted

11 December 2016

  • Notifications now retry for a max of 5 attempts
  • Aquaflex soil moisture now supports field capacity, refil points, PAW and RAW values
  • Field capacity etc added to soil moisture graphs
  • Uptime statistics now have a reset option

13 November 2016

  • Forecasted labels are hidden by default
  • Lots of improvements to WxAdvisory for question support
  • Bugs with vertical red line fixed
  • Sensor uptime now displayed as a percentage
  • Rain events now displayed on soil moisture graph
  • Question history now loaded as an AJAX request
  • Sensor logs now redesigned to be more readable
  • Notification emails rewritten to use HTML header and to look good on mobile devices
  • Temperature graph only uses on axis (all lines use the same unit)

2 October 2016

  • Composite graph types now supported (soil moisture, temperature etc)
  • Graph type colours now reflect the same colours as the reports
  • Battery icon now uses colours to indicate status
  • Hardware alerts set up - will email based on operating thresholds
  • Minor wording and layout changes

11 September 2016

  • Shutdown and restart commands can now be sent from the dashboard
  • Cancel shutdown/restart command can now be sent from the dashboard
  • Aquaflex sensor now replaces the old soil sensor
  • Aquaflex errors and battery information now included on the graphs
  • Volumetric moisture graphs now supported
  • Mobile website CSS fixed
  • Network location is now what's displayed on the map at the bottom of the page

28 August 2016

  • Reduced datasets now working perfectly
  • Any date range greater than 48 hours is now a day summary
  • 'Custom date range' text now reflects the selected date rage
  • Footer for logged-in users now shows a map with their network location
  • Historical data now imported
  • Chart.js updated

7 August 2016

  • Sensor logs UI improved
  • Network name in the sensor page is now obviously a link
  • Notifications improved - formatting fixed for email notifications
  • Notifications UI fixed - retries of edited notifications now working
  • Compression script now included in sensor details
  • 7-day and 30-day forecasts now display properly
  • Ticks in legend options are now black for better legibility
  • Improvements made to indexes on database tables
  • Logs now available for each physical sensor

31 July 2016

  • Notifications system completely redesigned
  • Notifications tab removed, notificaitons admin now incorporated into questions page

24 July 2016

  • Wind speed now returned in miles per hour for American locations
  • Temperature now returned in Fahrenheit for American locations
  • All demo graphs now the same consistent colour
  • User lines are now a small line with no dots
  • Graphs now return an optimised amount of data, so large date ranges load quickly
  • Time span links now disabled while data is being returned

18 July 2016

  • All guide lines are now in shades of grey
  • Soil moisture graph now has 'wet' and 'dry' guide lines
  • Sensor page now supports lat/lon values for both network location and sensor locations
  • Bug fixed where some demo networks defaulted to the first network for some requests

13 July 2016

  • Questions added to new locations on demo page
  • Scrolling to correct graph now fixed
  • Reports now filterable on questions

11 July 2016

  • Reports now available
  • Questions now colour-coded in reports, with the option to hide/show questions
  • More locations included in the demo page

4 July 2016

  • Threshold lines added to temperature humidity index, heat load index, and accumulated heat load index graphs.
  • Questions now detect sensor names.
  • Questions associated with sensors are now colour-coded against the sensor
  • Sensors now support locations in different countries, under the same network.
  • Questions are now clickable - the graph will auto-select and scroll to be visible

WxOutside sensors

These are the changes made to the physical sensors (the hardware) and the supporting software. Because these sensor are open-source designs, the changes are all found in the GitHub repository (https://github.com/WxOutside)

24 June 2017

  • No changes for this release

24 April 2017

  • Email messages to sensors all use a consistent header

8 February 2017

  • AM2315 code fixed to properly support missing data
  • AM2315 code fixed to output log data correctly
  • Aquaflex code fixed to output log data correctly
  • Unused weatherPiArduino libraries removed
  • Crontab fixed for invalid weatherPiArduino command

11 December 2016

  • Crontab improved
  • Code update process fixed to support bad URLS and bad details
  • WxOutside roadmap published
  • Bug fixes to Aquaflex code
  • All sensors now use a standardised logging structure

20 November 2016

  • Sensors will automatically check if they are running the latest release, and download any new updates
  • This includes crontab changes.
  • Release files are automatically deleted when the update is completed.

13 November 2016

  • Cronjobs modified to write to separate log files
  • Log file functionality completely redesigned
  • Aquaflex code now confirmed to work
  • AM2315 code fixed to solve occasional failed readings
  • Compaction script fixed
  • Hardware alerts now sent by email

11 September 2016

  • Shutdown and restart commands now accepted
  • Cancel shutdown/restart command now accepted
  • All email headers now standardised
  • Aquaflex sensor support added

7 August 2016

  • Logs now sent each hour to web dashboard

4 July 2016

  • Temperature and humidity sensors now recheck if the last reading failed.
  • Email message queues improved and tested.
  • Telemetry is deleted when a receipt is received

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