Accurately forecast your soil moisture and temperature.

Accurate forecasting 7 days in advance

Using as little as 4 weeks' worth of recorded data, you can have hourly forecasting made for your exact location and accurate to within 0.5 percentage points or ½ degree.

Telemetry accuracy

4 weeks' worth of data is enough, but ongoing telemetry makes it even more accurate.

Machine learning algorithm

WxOutside forecasting learns the difference between heavy rain and showers - and how the soil reacts - and adjusts the forecasts accordingly.

Simulation of 'what-if' scenarios

If you're wondering how irrigation will affect the soil with the upcoming weather, you can simulate how the soil moisture and temperate will react with different amounts of water.

Easy to read

Your questions are answered in plain English, and the graphs highlight the threshold breaches or decision points when they occur.

Responsive forecasts

Forecasts are updated every single hour of the day.

How does this work?

The weather forecast can change often, and the soil moisture and soil temperature forecasts will adjust instantly.

Hardware integration

WxOutside receives data from the sensor.

Cloud hosted

The forecasting infrastructure is cloud-based and can handle thousands of simultaneous sensor forecasts.


Forecasts are sent to the irrigation controller, and are used for graphing purposes or for automating irrigation schedules.

Extra functionality

Notifications are sent when threshold breaches are forecast, and summaries are generated for regulatory compliance purposes.

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